SIJ Oita and Radio Show!|ラジオ!そしてSIJ大分スタート

English follows Japanese!

Summer in JAPAN Oitaの開会式 → ワークショップ → 生徒の皆さんへのプレゼン → FM大分ラジオ「ハイカラ食堂」生放送 という濃い1日をもって、SIJ大分が開幕しました!








Summer in JAPAN 2017 Opening Ceremony yesterday opened this year’s main program!

After the ceremony, I taught Performing Arts workshop, gave a presentation to 80+ students, and went to a radio station and appeared on a live show.

I’ve been appeared on this live show every summer for concert promotion and the host always asks me how I have been since the previous summer. And as I was telling her what I did in this past year, I realized how many different projects I was involved in and I was very surprised at myself of how much stuff I was able to do both in New York and in Japan.

Busy days as always, but can’t wait to see how students participating in SIJ Oita will change in 7 days! I’m already impressed by their creativity and their passion towards learning English!

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