CMSデビュー! &少し疲れた時は | When you need some energy for this season

English follows Japanese!

昨日2月5日は、NYのリンカーンセンター内のChamber Music Societyで初演奏でした!ライブストリーム・ストリーミング配信を観てくださった方、ありがとうございました!日本からも観たよー、と言ってくれる方々がいて、世界は良い意味でもどんどん狭くなっていくなあと感動。自分でもそこそこ満足のいく演奏で、楽しんで演奏できました。来週ごろにはYoutubeにも載るそうなので、またお知らせします。



そんな時、最近特に大事だなあと思うのは、元気をくれる人と話すこと。疲れた時には動きたくなくなりがちですが、学校や職場などでポジティブな人たちと会話することで、エネルギーがでることが最近多くあります。自分一人でベッドの上に倒れこむよりも、パワーチャージできる会話やアクションを優先すると、なんだかいい気分になれると感じるし、実際そういうリハーサルが今日ありました。英語版には「Positiveness is contagious」と書きましたが、ポジティブさは人にうつるものです。毎日を120%のポジティブエネルギーで生きてる人が周りにいたら、ぜひ5分でもお話してみることをおすすめします。そして私もそんな人になりたいなあ、と思います♡



I had such a great time performing at the masterclass of the Chamber Music Society at Lincoln Center yesterday! Our teacher Ani Kavafian cheerfully gave us very constructive advice that convinced us very well – I am so grateful for the opportunity that Ansonia Quartet received.


Yesterday was such a hectic day with the performance, rehearsals and classes, that I was very exhausted at the end of the day (in a good way because I achieved many goals of the day). But I really wished there was onsen (Japanese spa) near me so I could relax my whole body – but there was none.

Today I realized that there are some other things that give me energy besides spa (okay sure I knew that, but spa works especially good on me). I had one rehearsal today that made me realize that talking/interacting with someone actually gives me so much energy than just falling on my bed by myself. And it’s not always someone who nicely comfort you who supplies you with some good fuel of energy – it might be someone who gives you good, objective advice and who lives their life using 120% of their energy, which naturally transforms into positive attitude towards life.

Positiveness is contagious. If you look around, there are lots of colleagues who work so hard, but yet so positive and care about you. When you feel a little bit tired, go to them and just have a 5-min conversation or play something together — it might change your day or week or month or life 🙂


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