Exhibition “Poupelle of Chimney Town” | キンコン西野さん個展 in NY

English follows Japanese!







“Are you an artist?” 君もアーティストかね?と聞かれ、
“I’m a musician.” 音楽家です。と答えると、
“You play the violin?” バイオリンを弾くのかい?と。

絵を堪能しながらなぜか30分ほどお話して、今の芸術事情や西野さんの絵ひとつずつについて(「ポケモンよりずっといいね!」と言っていた笑)お話したり、星を眺める主人公をみて、小さい時コペルニクスが大好きで天体観測をよくしていた話などたくさん聞いたのですが、中でも印象的だった話は、この素晴らしいペン画↓の看板に書いてあるボブディランの言葉 “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom. (ヒーローとは、自分の自由についてくる責任を理解する者のことである)”をみて、「僕は南アフリカから来たんだけども、若いころに国が独立したとき、皆自由だ!と言って喜んだけども、秩序がないと何もできない。皆が気づいたのは、それぞれが責任を持って正しいことをして初めて自由が生まれるのだ。」とお話してくれたこと。自由→責任ではなく、責任→自由という順序で物事が生まれるということを経験を持って話してくださいました。絵1つとっても、見る人の記憶と経験によって何を思うか全く違うんだなあと大変興味深かったです。






It’s June! June is busting out all over! (Omg speaking of which, Carousel the musical with Renee Fleming was sooo good, you all should watch it)

The summer season has actually started and most of my friends have flown to music festivals and internships. I am also flying out to Germany on the 7th – but today I enjoyed my Sunday going to an exhibition that I’ve wanted to check out.

The exhibition is by an artist/comedian Akihiro Nishino, who has a very unique career – basically he is a very popular comedian in Japan, but he also invested the past four years writing this picture book raising money with crowdfunding and published it. There is so much to learn from his business perspective and I had been following his blog for a while.

The exhibition was simply beautiful with LED-lit pictures, especially the scenes where the lights, snow and stars are featured because it looked like they were actually shining from inside (which is true). There were many kids walking around the gallery, and they seemed really into those shining pictures.

Here let me talk about the old black man who came to talk to me when I was looking at the pictures. He looked like he was around 60-70, he said he goes to the church next to the gallery, and we talked for good 30 mins while looking at the pictures. He said he was a teacher/art critic and he guessed my instrument right away when I said “I’m a musician.” (which I don’t think is that easy… how do you know that I don’t play percussions?)

The pictures inspired our talk – when we were looking at the main boy watching the stars, he told me how he loved Copernicus theory and got a telescope when he was young, when we were looking at a tree-looking monster, we talked about how amazing human’s imaginations are, but the most interesting story was when we looked at a picture with a signboard that says Bob Dylan’s quote “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” He said he is from South Africa, and he experienced independence movement there. When they finally became independent, they realized that freedom is not just there – they have to the right things first to carry out their responsibility, and then finally they can acquire freedom. How interpreted his words was that freedom follows responsibility, not the other way.

I loved how each person has different experience just looking at the pictures depends on their experiences and memories – and I very much enjoyed our conversations with him.

After that I went to talk to the author, and asked him about his business ideas that I’ve wanted to ask from reading his blog posts. He told me so many off-the-record honest opinions/advice (or probably he doesn’t care, I just thought I shouldn’t write them here) but he told me to “just do it,” because “the future of two years from now is something we cannot imagine, so we have to do whatever we can do right now.” He encouraged me to do my own business here and I am very inspired by his words. Thank you Nishino-san!


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