Summer Schedule 2018 ☀︎| 今夏のスケジュールと演奏予定。

Today’s blog is an English & Japanese combined version! (Cover photo: eating pizza in Leipzig)


Hi from Texas! I came back to the U.S. from the tour in Leizpig last week, and directly flew to San Antonio. It’s super humid and hot here, but we move only by car so it doesn’t really matter–rather it’s really cold inside the buildings here. I’ve been teaching music classes to kids as one of the faculty at the Classical Music Institute, playing chamber music with amazing faculty members here and performing at concerts. It’s super fun!

Here are my summer schedule–I will be performing in six cities in three countries this summer and it’s going to be amazing! If you happen to be in any of the places, let me know 🙂

6/7-6/13       Juilliard415&Bach Collegium Japan tour in Leipzig(ドイツ)


6/14-7/1      Classical Music Institute in TX (テキサス州)

Faculty (講師)として子供たちに音楽をみっちり教えつつ、世界10カ国から来た20人の素晴らしい講師陣と室内楽を演奏してます。

7/22              Summergarden Concert at MoMA, ニューヨーク現代美術館


7/28-7/29           Five Senses Festival in CT (コネチカット州)


7/31-8/12           The 6th Summer in JAPAN in Oita 大分(今年もやります!)


8/13-8/19           Stowe Tango Festival in VA (バーモント州)


コンサート情報 (Concert info):

6/22 9pm
Spanish Virtuosity

Mendelssohn: Octet in E-flat major, Op.20
メンデルスゾーン:弦楽八重奏 変ホ長調
@San Antonio Botanical Garden, San Antonio, TX

6/24 4pm
Mastery and Youthfulness

Dvorak: Terzetto in C major, Op.74
ドヴォルザーク:テルゼット ハ長調
@Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, San Antonio, TX

6/28 7:30pm
Brahms’s True Love

Brahms: String Quintet No.2 in G major, Op.111
@Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

6/29 6pm
Student & Faculty Concert 

Mendelssohn: Octet in E-flat major, Op.20
メンデルスゾーン:弦楽八重奏 変ホ長調
@Edgewood Theater of Performing Arts, San Antonio, TX

6/30 7pm
A Baroque Finale

@Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater, The Tobin Center, San Antonio, TX
Concert info for 5 concerts above:

7/22 8pm
MoMA Summergarden Concert

Two world premieres & Two New York premieres
@Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

7/29 8pm
Five Senses Festival Concert
Pieces from Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas
@Washington, CT ワシントン、コネチカット州

8/6 7pm
Summer in JAPAN Classical Concert – Sumire Hirotsuru and her Harvard Friends
@音の泉ホール、大分市 Otono-izumi Hall, Oita, Japan

8/18 TBD
Stowe Tango Festival Concert
@Stowe, VA ストウ、バーモント州


Hope to see you somewhere in the world!


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