Tango debut! | タンゴ、はじめました

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ここ1ヶ月のわたしは、ジュリアードの音楽 × テクノロジーのコンサートシリーズでプロデューサーを務めたり。


















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New York is currently 48F, which is below Sumire limit (especially when the heater is not on yet in your apartment). I am writing this on the bed in a blanket roll. Some people call me burrito or call my behavior “burrito-ing” and I think it’s pretty accurate.

Anyways! My life these days is quite exciting – I am producing a concert series at Juilliard called “Beyond the Machine,” which features technology and music. I went to Maine with friends to perform and casually stayed in the same guesthouse as a famous model and partied together. I performed in Capcom live! which is a videogame music show featuring Street Fighter, Okami, Resident Evil etc. And I also enjoyed going to Dave & Busters to celebrate my friends’ band’s successful crowdfunding campaign (Refer to the photos above in the same order).

But something new that happened last night was my tango show debut! Tango has always been my favorite style of music and I have always ended my concert series in Japan with Piazzolla pieces, but I had never officially learned it till this past summer. I had a pleasure of performing with an amazing bandoneon performer Hector del Curto (who won the Grammy’s recently. Very casual.) for my graduation recital, which led me to learn more traditional Argentinian tango with amazing faculty this summer at his festival, Stowe Tango Festival.

Thanks to the festival, I made so many wonderful friends from all over the world, performed with amazing musicians, and learned so much new technique from them. Honestly, it was surprising to me how much I could still learn about violin playing (don’t get me wrong, of course I am not the best violinist like Heifetz, but I thought I mostly knew how to play the violin) – because the technique was so different from classical playing.

Last night’s milonga was so exciting and so helpful for me to learn more about tango from my fellow musicians – Rodolfo Zanetti, Pablo Estigarriba, and our band leader Pedro Giraudo (a.k.a. Papa Pedro, because when we were eating dinner he took my iPad and his eyes said “don’t look at the screen while eating!”).

Having experienced my first tango performance in public, I am so motivated to learn more and I am grateful that I appreciate this music world. I can’t wait to play more, and someday I hope to perform tango in my home country Japan with my friends!



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