2019年も52分の2がすぎました!今年の目標の叶え方|2/52 of 2019 is over…!

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It’s been already two weeks since the countdown to 2019 – where were you celebrating the new years this year? I was watching a Japanese music show, eating toshikoshi-soba, which literally is a Japanese tradition (excuse) to eat soba noodles at the New Years moment.

As there are only 52 weeks in a year, believe it or not, 2/52 of this year is already over! Hope you are still following your new year’s resolution…

On January 6th, I went to an island called Tokunoshima in the very south part of Japan to give a talk. The target of the lecture was from elementary school students to adults; it was very wide range of population. My presentation focused on getting attention from the younger students, by including videos and popular characters from TV anime series etc. Contrary to my worries, they listened to my lecture very enthusiastically taking notes for 90-120mins (!) and I received some questions as well at Q&A session.

One of my main points I wanted to tell the audience there was “how efficiently you can use five minutes in your life.” This is a habit that I’ve used when I was preparing college applications: set a small goal, set a 5min timer, and just do it!

So the question I gave them was to “Set the goal for this week, and list out three things that you can do today to achieve the goal by the end of the week” in 5 mins.


The reaction I received was amazing – not only they finished the mission in less than 5 mins, but they also set another goal and list out more things they could do today. They said 5 mins was longer than they thought and I was happy that I was able to convey the method I use all the time. Setting the timer is the crucial thing here because it pushes you to finish tasks however daunting it might look.

If you have set your new year’s resolution but haven’t worked on it yet, maybe try this technique for 5 mins and figure out what you can do TODAY to achieve that resolution!

And… details of this method and how I used it will be in a book that I’m publishing on February 15th (in Japan) from a publisher KADOKAWA. Unfortunately it is in Japanese only but I hope I can write something in English someday 🙂
Amazon link to the book
(go to Amazon Japan website)

See you next time!

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