Hi Finland and hi Sibelius! | シベリウスの生家へ@フィンランド!

English follows Japanese!



今日の目玉はなんといっても作曲家シベリウスの家 。彼が死ぬまで住んでいた家は綺麗に保存され、ちいさな博物館として家具などが展示されています。

We, the Juilliard Orchestra, got on a plane in the evening of the 21st, and we arrived around 9am on the first day – and had a long but great day in Finland! I think the highlight was the visit to the house of Jean Sibelius, a Finnish composer. Here are some things that I especially liked about the house 🙂


  1. まずはシベリウスの色へのこだわりについて。
    (共感覚)をもっていたシベリウスは、家を建てる際に2つだけ注文をしました。ひとつは窓から湖が見えること。そして2つめは、緑の暖炉を部屋に置くことでした。彼の共感覚という症状は、色を見ると頭の中で音になって聴こえるという稀有なものでした。緑はF major、つまりへ長調の音楽に聴こえるため、その色を家の真ん中に持ってきたいという希望でした。今となってはなぜへ長調を選んだのかわかりませんが・・・大変興味深いお話でした。
    As Sibelius had a synesthesia, he had two requests when building the house; first was a scenery from the house – so he could see the lake from the window when composing- and the second was to put a green fireplace in the room. His synesthesia brought him F major whenever he sees the color green, and somehow it was necessary for his composing life.


2. 灰皿へのこだわり。

Sibelius loved smoking, and he was using different ashtrays in his library depending on his feeling of the day. Thus it was a quite handy tool for his wife to know what his mood was.


3. お風呂。

Finland has a sauna & hot tub culture (like my hometown Oita), and Sibelius was also a fan of sauna. For his family, he made this nice bath room with a beautiful scenery next to his house! 


4. 肖像画と彫刻

When Sibelius’ portrait was delivered to his house, he was on trip so his wife received it instead. As Sibelius in the portrait was so handsome that his wife wrote a letter to him saying “I am in love with you again!”


We have rehearsal with Sibelius Academy students tomorrow – so excited! 😀


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