First rehearsal with Sibelius Academy | ヘルシンキにて初リハーサル!

English follows Japanese!



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調べてみたところ、デザインはフィンランド出身のデザインファーム LPR-arkkitehdit、さらに26日に演奏するホールの音響設計は、日本人の豊田泰久さんという方によるものだそうです。存じ上げなかったのですが、世界の代表的なコンサートホールを手がけている方で、日本人の技が世界各地で使われていると知り嬉しくなりました。

シベリウスアカデミー(Sibelius Academy)のことは、頭文字をとって皆SibAと呼んでいるようなのですが、そのシバ生は皆とても熱心で、私たちが来る前にすでに一度リハをやっていたらしく、最初のリハーサルをうまくリードしてくれました。




Day 2 of our Juilliard tour was a full-day rehearsal, and we finally visited the Sibelius Academy.

The building is very modern and cool as other buildings that I see walking in the city of Helsinki. Modern artworks, a glass elevator and walls, colorful chairs, rehearsal studio with raised stage – I knew that nordic design is famous for its sophisticated look, but I become very jealous of their nice school building. 🙂


According to the school website, the architecture agency is from Finland:

The Helsinki Music Centre’s International Architecture Competition was won by a Turku based LPR-arkkitehdit architecture agency with their design, “a mezza voce”. The concert hall acoustics were designed by Yasuhisa Toyota from Nagata Acoustics Inc. The design and construction of the Helsinki Music Centre took 20 years. The Centre is 38,600 gross square metres and 250,000 m³. The main constructor was SRV. The Centre cost 189 million Euros with equipment.

And what is more, the sound design is by Yasuhisa Toyota, who also sound-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA and Suntory Hall in Tokyo. I didn’t know about him before but I was glad to know that technology of Japanese acoustician is used all around the world.

The Sibelius Academy (SibA) students are very enthusiastic players and they led the rehearsals today very well for Juilliard students. I am enjoying playing Sibelius and Stucky pieces with them so much, and I am so excited to explore music further with them this coming week together!


My only problem here is that Finnish is so hard to pronounce (and I heard it’s a language that is not associated with any other languages in the world), so I am having a hard time remembering new friends’ names. I will try harder…!!

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