Juilliard Orchestra Tour Day 3 | 夜のヘルシンキ

English follows Japanese!








My non-Juilliard friend asked me how much we rehearse during the tour, and I said “well, we only get 20 mins for dinner.”

That being said — we have enough time to explore during lunch break and at night. 

On day 3 of the tour, I went shopping and got some cute drinks with my standpartner during the lunch break. 

(Standpartner means someone who you share the music stand on stage when you perform in an orchestra, and I’m so lucky to have her as mine as we have some common interests 🙂 )

And at night — my friends and I went to the art festival at a plaza at Helsinki Cathedral, where I saw the most people gathering at one place during my time in Helsinki. 

The city at night looked pretty different from daytime and it was very cool to see some Finnish artists’ works there.

We had the first rehearsal with Maestro Salonen yesterday, but I’ll write about it later…! 😀

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