Juilliard Orchestra + SibA Orchestra + Salonen’s First Joint Concert Tonight (12pm EST)! | ヘルシンキにて今夜、コンサート第一弾!

English follows Japanese!









スタッキー: Radical Light
サロネン: Mania
シベリウス: レンミンカイネン組曲 (Lemminkäinen) です。


It’s tonight……..!!!!

The Juilliard Orchestra x Sibelius Academy Orchestra joint concert will be held at Helsinki Music Center tonight (26th) at 7pm.

Under the baton of Maestro Esa-Pekka Salonen, we (at least I) have been having so much fun rehearsing as he is just a very energetic and motivating person. He is funny and he jokes around all the time, but he conducts as if he were using magic on every second of the rehearsal – and he pulls out of the best of our orchestra.

You can listen to us performing tonight on livestreaming on radio HERE!


(it’s in Finnish but I am sure you can figure it out)
Broadcast starts at 6:50pm Helsinki local time, 11:50am EST, 00:50 Japan time.

The program will be:
Steven Stucky: Radical Light
Esa-Pekka Salonen: Mania
Jean Sibelius: Lemminkäinen

Please enjoy if you can listen to it tonight!


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