9.11 Memorial Concert tonight (hi from backstage) |9.11メモリアルコンサートの舞台袖より

English follows Japanese!



3大陸7都市をまわる怒涛のイベントフルな夏休みを終え、学校が始まったところからついに体が悲鳴をあげはじめ、ついにすこし体調をくずしてしまいました。ご心配をおかけした方すみませんでしたm(_ _)m


ニューヨークのSt. Paul教会にて、9.11のメモリアルとしてオール・シューベルトプログラムを演奏します!



After the eventful summer break where I went to three continents and seven cities — my body started to ask me for help, and finally I got sick for a while…! 

Thank you so much to those who brought me food and who texted me worrying about me 🙂 It meant a lot!

And sorry for not updating my blog for so long :/ 

Now that I’m recovered, I am performing at St. Paul church in NYC (W 60th) tonight in 15 mins (hahaha I know I’m backstage right now)!

I’m performing Rosamunde Quartet as a part of 9/11 Concert for Peace – all-Schubert program. Excited to be back to the real world (not on my bed)!

I will slowly update posts about my summer, tour, and more!

See you soon 🙂 

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