New Year’s Resolution|2018年の目標!

Pictured: Beautiful nature in my hometown on January 1st☺︎
English follows Japanese!






  • 「あぁ、あのタスクまだ終わってない・・・やらなきゃ・・・」と24時間常に考えてしまう精神的ストレスが消える
  • 慌てずにタスクをこなせるため質が上がる
  • 締め切りまでの残り時間を有効利用できる(自分で見積もっていた時間よりも早くタスクが終わった場合、そのタスクのためにブロックしていた時間を他にあてられる)
  • 単純に気分が良い♡





2018年 1月 3日

Happy New Year!

I’m having a very relaxed winter break in my hometown in Japan. Seafood is amazing, the weather is not that cold, and it is great to catch up with family and friends in Japan 🙂

This year is going to be a year of transition – I am concluding my school life (!) and entering a real life (hopefully). I am excited and terrified at the same time, but I hope to enjoy my post-grad life as much as I did at school.

I made my new year’s resolution on the new year’s day; I have many specific goals, but I set one big goal of this year, which is… (drumrolls)


…I am serious!

I built up this habit of finishing up all of my tasks right before deadlines during college, because there were just so many things to do and I gradually realized that I can work on them twice as fast as normal speed when I am in rush. My friends always make fun of me saying I live on the edge.

BUT this year is going to be different. I will post this on my wall for a year and see if I can remove this habit, because there are so many pros about not procrastinating such as:

  • I don’t need to feel stressed about my unfinished tasks 24/7
  • The quality of finished products/tasks will go up if not in rush
  • I can schedule fun events on the day of deadlines (which was previously absolutely impossible) – in other words, I don’t need to block schedule for my unfinished tasks
  • I will feel good

Soooo let’s see if I can do this! If you are one of my amazing friends who know me very well a.k.a. who know that I am good at procrastinating, please alert me when I am trying to escape from my tasks :p

And I will try to write more blog posts!

Wishing you a very productive and stress-free 2018! Cheers!


First shrine visit of 2018!

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